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How Long Does Foreclosure Take?

loan modification - Phoenix, Scottsdale, Peoria, Glendale, Mesa, Tempe, Chandler, GilbertGenerally, the pre-foreclosure timeline is about three to four months of missed payments before the foreclosure process starts. Prior to beginning foreclosure, notice of the foreclosure sale must be advertised at least once a week for four weeks in a local paper.  In the Phoenix metropolitan area, the most popular paper to advertise in is “Arizona Republic“.  However, sale notices are also posted in the county newspaper.  In the Tucson area, the other county newspapers may carry the advertisement.  Additionally, because of the integration of the internet and newspapers, these advertisements will show up in internet searches of the address.

Arizona is both a non-judical and judical foreclosure state.  Arizona state law provides that the foreclosure sale must be advertised weekly in a local county newspaper for four consecutive weeks before it can occur.

In short, from the time the loan is put into the foreclosure department it takes roughly (Warning: Emphasis on “roughly”.) about 90 days until a sale.  The process could be longer. Contact our Merna Law as soon as you receive a foreclosure sale notification.

At the foreclosure sale the property WILL SELL, or more accurately, transfer out of your name.  Your property will either be sold to a third part or will revert back to the first mortgage lender for the amount owned on the loan.  This means you will continue to owe the second mortgage lender, if applicable.

Don’t waiting until the foreclosure sale is around the corner.  Call us today!


We provide more information for our clients going through foreclosure in our “Foreclosure Portal”.

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