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How can Merna Law help?

Help to stop foreclosure - Phoenix, Mesa, Tempe, Scottsdale, Glendale, Peoria, Chandler, GilbertFacing a foreclosure is a stressful experience.  Your account has been turned over to an attorney.  Your being told by your mortgage company they can’t accommodate you any more.  Even if you can send a payment the mortgage lender is refusing it and says they will proceed with a foreclosure.

The attorneys and staff at The Merna Law Groups have specialized in halting foreclosures and assisting homeowner save their properties for over a decade using the protection of the bankruptcy laws.  As one of the most successful bankruptcy firms in the state, The Merna Law Group cannot only stop your sale but can assist is structuring an affordable catch-up payment, reorganizing your debt to improve your cash flow, and even guide you in recovering your credit quickly and easily.

Stop stressing and call The Merna Law Group today.  We will stop that foreclosure quickly and save your home.